1 Chronicles sliderDavid’s words in chapter 28 are quite similar to chapter 22 and serve to bracket the temple preparations given in 22-27. In verses 2-7, David is retelling the Davidic Covenant (1 Chr 17) and God’s promise to build David a house (i.e., lineage and kingdom). In David’s mind, this will be fulfilled by Solomon. This passage also identifies the conditional nature of this covenant (v. 7), saying that if he will keep the commandments, then…However, David and Solomon do not fully keep the commandments, hence the divided monarchy that arises with Solomon’s son Rehoboam.

In verses 9-10 David then commands Solomon, telling him to know God, serve God, seek God, and be courageous and build the house. Although we are not called to build a physical temple like Solomon, God has given all of us a mission as God through David gave to Solomon. Like David and Solomon, we need God’s presence so that God might work through us in His Spirit, not us working in our own power.

Audio Sermon: “What Am I Seeking?”–1 Chronicles 28 (Jay Todd)

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