“Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament” ~ October 6-7, 2017

Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament rectangle“Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament” is the first conference in our Lead U Conference Series, which arose in conjunction with our Lead U Discipleship Courses, first taught at fbcBranson. This event aims to provide teaching and tools to ensure that we take seriously all of God’s Word and are better prepared to read the Old Testament with Christian eyes.


“For the Life of the World: Christianity and Cultural Engagement” ~ April 27-28, 2018

Lead U Conference Series Feature“For the Life of the World” is a conference designed to explore various ways in which Christians can and should attempt to engage the culture with the gospel. The tension between Christianity and culture seems more and more strained in recent years, and many wonder if cultural engagement is possible at all. Others think the approach comes through taking power in politics. And there are a multitude of approaches in between. This conference aims to refocus the attention of the Church on the goal of cultural engagement as that is often neglected in talks about how to engage the culture. Only once we properly understand the goal of cultural engagement can we discuss proper and helpful methods for engaging that culture.