Drama of Doctrine: Learning to Live in God’s Story (Christian Discipleship 201)

  • Session 1: Intro and The Drama of Doctrine as Community and Presence

This session will reinforce some of the major concepts from the Foundations Series, Session 2: Drama of Doctrine. We will then explore two major categories, community and presence, that help us learn about the Acts in God’s drama and help us find ourselves in this drama. Although it is vitally important that we learn the content of Scripture, we must also faithfully live out our part in that story—faithfully living out our roles in God’s drama on the world’s stage is therefore the main goal of this course.

This session will explore the Trinity as community from eternity, the purpose of God’s creation, and its initial state. It will also discuss the fall and subsequent exile from the garden and discuss how God begins to institute his plan of cosmic redemption through the Patriarchs.

Session 3 will begin with the exodus from Egypt and God’s covenant with Israel at Mount Sinai. The end of the book of Exodus outlines the building of the tabernacle which serves as the manifestation of the presence of God with His people until the temple is built in Solomon’s reign. This session will explore the story from the tabernacle to the wilderness wanderings to the conquest, time of the judges, and the kingship of Saul and David.

Session 4 begins with the reign of Solomon and the building of the temple. This session will then explore the divided kingdom, the poetic and prophetic words of this temple era, and the story of Assyrian and Babylonian exile and return.

Session 5 will explore the New Testament Gospels and consider the presence of God in the incarnate Son, Jesus. The dwelling place of God with man is now not in a place, but a person.

This session will cover the books of Acts through Revelation 20, but in reality we find that we are still living out this act in our lives today. It is through the Holy Spirit in the Church that we see God present among His creation today, and we as believers are that people and therefore the manifestation of God’s presence on earth.

Session 7 explores the story of eternity. When the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven to the new heavens and the new earth, we will dwell with God for eternity. This session will explore also how this brings the story full circle back to presence with God in the garden as intended.

The final session will be dedicated to living in God’s story by learning to tell God’s story. This means being able to articulate both the drama of Scripture and our own story within that drama. We will look at methods of Bible storying that have seen great effect in missions contexts and practice teaching each other God’s drama.