The Who Am I? Finding Our Identity in Christ Discipleship Series is designed to answer key questions about how we find our identity in Christ. Many in the church are taught to find their identity in Christ, but rarely do we take the time to teach them how to find their identity. This series explores biblical answers to six key questions related to identity. It is an introductory series, so each video is intentionally short to allow for adequate discussion. In the future, we hope to complete more detailed videos on each of these key questions.

Session 1–“Introduction: The Importance of Identity”

Session 2–“Who Am I?: The Question of Identity”

Session 3–“What Am I Here For?: The Question of Purpose”

Session 4–“Where Am I Going?: The Question of Telos”

Session 5–“What Are My Giftings?: The Question of Gifting”

Session 6–“What Am I Here For?: The Question of Vocation”

Session 7–“What Should I Do?: The Question of Practice”