Session Topic
1 Christ in Every Aspect of Life: Living a Christ-Centered Life
2 Christ and My Identity: Who Am I?
3 Christ and My Education: What is the Purpose of Learning?
4 Christ and My Career: Career vs. Vocation
5 Christ and My Relationships: A Multi-Directional Approach
6 Christ and My Health: Holistic Health and Human Flourishing
7 Christ and My Citizenship: The Question of Patriotism
8 Christ and Politics: How, then, should I vote?
9 Christ and the Creation: Stewardship and Care
10  Christ and My Leisure: How Should I Spend My Free Time?
11 Christ and the Calendar: Holidays, Holy Days, or Both?
12 Christ and Dying: How should we respond to death?
13 Christ and Living: How, then, shall we live?